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Flowers for “just friends” this Valentine’s Day

For all the couples who are in the “friend zone” or “just friends” category it is a little tricky to select a perfect gift for the Valentines Day. You need to be extra careful as there is a fine line between friends and lovers and we are sure you don’t want to cross it.
Some flowers and their unusual colors represent friendship than others. Want to know which flowers and their symbolism we are talking about?

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Flowers for “just friends.”

Alstroemeria is found in many friendship bouquets as it symbolizes friendship, good fortune, and prosperity. A gorgeous bouquet of Alstroemeria is truly impressive. The lush bloom of alstroemeria is delightful and offers a fantastic splash of colors. Not only this, it is one of the friendliest flowers you will find.
The second flower on our list is Yellow roses. These symbolize friendship, happiness and most importantly are amulets of a new beginning. Yellow is denoted friendship, which makes the rose an obvious choice. If you wish to restart your friendship this Valentine’s send them a bouquet full of yellow or coral roses with orange.

Chrysanthemum indicates support. By sending a Chrysanthemum bouquet, you say that “I will support and stand by you forever.”
Iris are a representation of friendly relationships. You can pair them with beautiful ivy to say a little more.
Whichever flower you select, do not forget to tie it up with a personalized message to say how much you care.

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Some fun facts about Friends:
• Do you know that Winnie the Pooh was named the world’s Friendship Ambassadors in 1998 at the United Nations?
• People who have great friends tend to live longer according to several studies.

Tips for Maintaining a Friendship
• Make memories together and freeze them in pictures.
• Plan road trips.
• Share social space. Be active on social media.
• Love to go traditional? Sending written letters.
• Shower them with brilliant bouquets because it is the thought that truly matters, and gifts are the best way to be ingrained someone’s memories.
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